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Why adopt from BCAS?

Here at Blackford County Animal Shelter, we pride ourselves in ensuring that you and your pet have the smoothest adoption possible. We'll meet with you and walk you through our shelter to help find exactly the right pet for you.

Included in your adoption through BCAS are all of your new pet's primary health needs. When you take your pet home, you can be sure they'll be up to date on all of their vaccinations and medicines, they'll be spayed/neutered, and you'll walk out the door with supplies in hand. Pet adoption prices and their perks are as follows:

Cost Spay/Neuter Vaccinations Flea prevention Heartworm Test FIV Test Microchip
Puppies < 1 year $125 N/A
Dogs > 1 year $110 N/A
Kittens < 1 year $50 $10
Cats > 1 year $40 $10

 indicates services included in adoption price.

Get Involved

There are many ways to help the Blackford County Animal Shelter!

We appreciate all of the wonderful volunteers who help us every day. You can join us by walking dogs, playing with cats, fostering animals until we find them a permanent home, helping with adoption events, computer input, cleaning cat cages at the Muncie PetSmart, and more!

Give us a call or email us today to join our team in ensuring that every Blackford County pet has the best life it possibly can!

Other Ways to Help Animals

Want to help even more, or effect animals on a broader level? How about a pet-friendly license plate? click the image below for more information!